Best of the Vatican Tour

Half-day (approximately 3 hours)

Most people spend in Rome two or three days and want to visit the Vatican in two or three hours. This half-day tour takes to to the most famous and significant sites without rushing nor standing in the long entrance lines.

I will take you straight to the museums to see the gallery of the Maps, the Rooms of Raphael, the Sistine Chapel, the Ancient Roman and Greek sculptures, the Tapistries and finally the Basilica of St. peter.

In the Sistine Chapel you will see Michelangelo's Last Judgment, the Creation and other grat paintings by Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Perugino.

I will also take you to the tombs of the Popes, especially john paul ii, and the square where people wait for the smoke after the election. i am privileged to be your guid in such a wonderful place!

Check my pictures of Facebook of the previous tours...Clich here to see the pics!

What is included?

Sites and services included
No lines entrance with reservation Rooms of Raphael Gallery of Tapistries Tombs of John Paul II and John XXIII
Private tour guide only for you Gallery of geographic Maps Immaculate Conception Room Michelangelo's Pietà
Sistine Chapel Laocoon Sobiewsky Hall Bernini's square
Michelangelo's Creation of Adam Belvedere Apollo St. Peter's Basilica Pope balcony

Reviews, comments, opinions from my previous tours

  • By Mark Newman Jr., NYC, USA

    Having a private guide proves to be the smartest and easiest way to tour the Sistine chapel, Vatican museums and St Peter's Basilica. Maria gave us a clear and easily understood private explanation of the things we were seeing, swept us past lingering and elbowing tour groups, and was able to style her talks and take us to particular things according to our parties' (four of us) needs and understandings. She is patient, friendly and knowledgable. Highly recommended.

  • By Rich Evans, Greenville, USA

    I was not very excited to be visiting Vatican city. However, taking a private tour changed my outlook entirely. I had a fantastic time with the personal tour guide. The individual attention provided by our Vatican guide, Maria, and her personal anecdotes and insights was delightful. I had a rich time at the Sistine Chapel. The guide was an excellent conversationalist and provided an interesting perspective into the history of Aspostolic Chapel. I learned not only about Michelangelo's frescoes but of the other great works representing Moses and Jesus which adorn the chapels walls. The entire chapel is a work of art and I had a great time. I am truly glad I made the arrangements to take this private tour and I highly suggest that you do the same. Enjoy.

  • By Robyn Brunswick, Pittsburg, USA

    I have had the most majestic summer ever! I was lucky enough to be accepted on a summer program for English teachers in Rome and although it was at times long hours and I was tired, it definitely was an experience of a lifetime. During one of my rare occasions off a couple of us decided to look into private tours and stumbled across Vatican Private Tours. We opted for the half-day tour which included the Rooms of Raphael, the Ancient Roman and Greek sculptures, Basilica of St. Peter and most importantly The Sistine Chapel. All I have to say is WOW! The Sistine Chapel ceiling is just breathtaking! There is also just a sense of calm that comes over you when you are introduced to such a historic place. Our tour guide's name was Maria and she was absolutely delightful. Maria was ever so patient with us and she really looked after us throughout the entire tour. She gave us a clear private guide of the Vatican City and she was easy to understand and very knowledgeable. I definitely would recommend anyone going to Italy to become immersed in this rich history lesson and our only regret - not taking the full-day tour. Happy Travels!