Vatican City Complete

Full-day tour (approximately 6 hours + 1 hour lunch)

The Vatican was not build in a day and there is so much to see!

Are you an art and history lover and you think that the common 3 hours tours are not enought for a comprehensive visit of the Vatican? You are right and I designed this tour for you!

Most tours do not take you to the painting gallery with famous works by Caravaggio, Leonardo, Raphael, Giotto and Beato Angelico. There is not time to see the Sistine Library with its amazing Renaissance frescoes and the Egyptian museum with one of the best preserved mummies in the world.

On this full-day Vatican tour you will see all that plus the popular sites included in the standard itinerary: the Sistine Chapel, the Basilica of St. Peter, the Rooms of Raphael etc...

There is the possibility of having lunch inside the museums with a large variety of food. Our visit will be slow-paced, emotional, informative and fun. See you soon!

Check my pictures of Facebook of the previous tours...Clich here to see the pics!

What is included?

Sites and services included
No lines entrance with reservation Rooms of Raphael Gallery of Tapistries Tombs of John Paul II and John XXIII
Private tour guide only for you Gallery of geographic Maps Immaculate Conception Room Michelangelo's Pietà
Sistine Chapel Laocoon Sobiewsky Hall Bernini's square
Michelangelo's Creation of Adam Belvedere Apollo St. Peter's Basilica Pope balcony
Ancient Christian tools and symbols Egyptian museum Sistine Library Painting Gallery
Caravaggio's Deposition Leonardo's St. Jerome Raphael's Transiguration World map of 1532

Reviews, comments, opinions from my previous tours

  • By Mark Newman Jr., NYC, USA

    Having a private guide proves to be the smartest and easiest way to tour the Sistine chapel, Vatican museums and St Peter's Basilica. Maria gave us a clear and easily understood private explanation of the things we were seeing, swept us past lingering and elbowing tour groups, and was able to style her talks and take us to particular things according to our parties' (four of us) needs and understandings. She is patient, friendly and knowledgable. Highly recommended.

  • By Ashton Declerke, Carbondale, USAe

    If you are looking for an inexpensive way to see the Vatican, then definitely check out this private tour. Vatican City is a beautiful site, that everyone who visits Italy should see. Our Vatican guide for the private tour was Maria. She was full of both educational and anecdotal stories that made the tour fun and interesting. Maria took us to numerous fascinating places throughout Vatican City. One of the highlights of our tour was seeing the Sistine Chapel. We were able to go inside the historic chapel and view the wonderful artwork inside. Our Vatican guide Maria knew when to step away from our small group and allow us to explore by ourselves and truly take in all of the phenomenal sites throughout Vatican City. Overall, this private tour of Vatican City was amazing. It was super inexpensive, very informative and was a wonderful way to see the main historical and religious sites of the city. Throughout our tour we also were able to see places that only the locals know about because of our wonderful tour guide Maria. Our small group was very satisfied with the tour, and would definitely recommend this tour to anyone who longs to visit Italy.

  • By Allie Howard, Ann Arbor, USA

    A trip to Rome just isn't complete without taking the opportunity to visit the Vatican! I'm a history nut, so the chance to take a private tour of the city was something I couldn't pass up. Last time I went with family, we were shuffled through from room to room on one of those self-guided audio tours. This time wasn't the same-- it was MUCH better! Our Vatican guide, Maria, didn't just drone out facts and figures like the audio tour had. She brought the history to life. I also appreciated that she gave us plenty of time to enjoy the Sistine Chapel, since last time I'd felt rushed out of the room. Yes, there's the ceiling, but it's not just the size of the thing-- it's all the details! Never once did I feel like I was being herded along. I learned a lot more this time around than I did on my first visit. I also appreciated that I got to spend time looking at the art. There is a surprisingly good gallery in the Vatican. It had paintings ranging from classical to even contemporary. Normally when you think of art and the Vatican you just think of the Sistine Chapel, but I would definitely check the gallery out. Over all it was a great trip, definitely worth taking. A day filled with great culture and great art. Definitely remember to bring walking shoes though! I wore boots and thought that would be good enough, but my feet still hurt by the end. Comfortable sneakers with a good sole is the better way to go!